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Aug 9th

I am planning on goinng.

Apr 5th 2018
Good morning! Been paying attention to the facebook page and the schedual, I'm excited about this next cmp match, also now thag Bucksnort is just around the corner, I was wondering if I could borrow your rifle again, since I'm STILL waiting on Leupold for my scope. Almost tempted to buy a detatchable carry handle at this point for the time being. Was able to pick up a nice spotting scope for cheap, konusspot 80, by the way thanks Tom for pointibg that out since I know you'll probably see this too.
Mar 9th 2018
Also, how does the M1D fit into the cmp competition classes, is it under M1 Free class?
Mar 9th 2018
Well I just got off the phone with Luepold, might be better if you hold onto the lower for a bit, my scope wont ship till mid april so I'm might need to barrow thay rifle for the first couple xtc matches till the scope comes in if thats ok with you.
Mar 4th 2018

If you bring it, you can shoot it.  FWIW, we have another member who sometimes shoots and M1D.  It would be cool to have two on the line at the same time.


Will do on the lower.

Mar 4th 2018
Hey Bill, was wondering if you would want to bring that lower with you to the match march 10th and I'll pay you for it when we're done cleaning up from the shoot, also, is an M1D legal for this match or is it only standard rifles?
Feb 7th 2018
Hey bill, my upper from white oak showed up in the mail today, only thing left is a scope and the lower, was wondering if you still wanted to get rid of that lower, and also, what model scope was on that rifle you've been letting me barrow? Is it a Leupold Mk-AR-mod-1?
Dec 31st 2017
Hey Bill! Long time no see, was wondering what you suggest for a scope for and A4 service rifle, I'm going with Leupold since I have a 50% discount with them, but not positive on what model to use.
Aug 30th 2017

Kansas Service Rifle Championship, 88 round match Saturday, September 16,

50 round leg match, Sunday September 17.


.22 pistol leg match after the rifle match on Saturday (30 rounds, no sighters).  Pistols usually available to borrow. 

Aug 29th 2017
What were the dates for Desoto Kansas? September 9/10?

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