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Apr 5th 2018
Thanks Bill! And I wish I could, this rollercoaster weather is getting old haha, hopefully this is the last freeze for the year
Apr 5th 2018

Affirmative on the rifle.  See if you can buy us some warm weather.

Mar 26th 2018

Caleb, spotting scope for sale on the National Match forum right now. Better hurry, it probably won't be there long.

Mar 15th 2018
Sorry Caleb. I sold or traded that off.
Mar 13th 2018
Feb 7th 2018
I decided to go with the FX-II with M1 dials (1/4 minute adjustments), haven't decided on the target dot or the fine duplex yet.
Feb 7th 2018
Tom, I just got off the phone with them, calling or putting it in the description box of the order form with what kind of dials you want put on it. Turn around time right now is about a month.
Feb 7th 2018

Caleb, I recently sent my scope to Leupold to have it worked on. I think you have to call the custom shop for special options now, can't do it online anymore.

Feb 7th 2018
If i can im going to try and order the FX-II from leupold since i can use my discount with them, cuts the price in half but cant figure out how to order the M1 dials with it. Are extended releases CMP/NRA service rifle legal?
Feb 7th 2018

I have the Leupold AR Mod, yes.  Not sure I'd recommend it, but it seems to work.  White Oak had a good deal going with the FX II but Leupold seems to have smelled $$$ and somehow started to cut them out of the loop.  White Oak had them doing a custom reticle and real nice knobs with MOA markings.  You can still get an FX II rifle scope from Optics Planet.  You might call White Oak on the phone and ask for advice.  Some hard holders have won a bunch of stuff shooting FX II's so they seem rugged and repeatable.  $400 for the's got a new extended bolt release.  Has the Xtreme match trigger in it, just FYI on why the price is high.

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