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Very Quick On Missouri Mid-Range Championship
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For me it was a beautiful four days at the Bucksnort range practicing and shooting.  Although the nights and mornings were on the cool side, the shooting weather was perfect.  Well, almost perfect.  We had to delay the start of Saturday's match for a half hour to let the rain pass, but it wasn't much rain and it did pass.  All went well, and there wasn't enough wind to bother anyone.


I'll have to wait for the official results to come out because Bucksnort uses clay tablets and an abacus to do the statistics, but I can report on a few notable events.  Steve Hoy was on his way to being some kind of hero until he decided to spread the joy onto someone else's target.  He finished with a 785 (out of 800) including the goose egg score on the crossfire.  Those who have and those who will, but some seem eternally condemned.


Ken Foster (from Nebraska and a frequent attendee at Bucksnort matches) shot a 800 out of 800.  But since Bucksnort adheres to very old concepts, he was not the official match winner. The pre-match briefing by Cristafer Strannigan included the instructions to note in the official match program that two of the four 20-shot strings must be shot using iron sights.  Ken used a scope for all four of his strings.  Thus his perfect point total merits a mere asterisk in the final bulletin.


It was my pleasure to shoot with Morgen Dietrich from Iowa, an accomplished shooter in highpower, long range, and smallbore.  I don't know this, but I'm guessing he is the official winner with a 799.  The only point he dropped was using a scope, and I was fortunate to be scorer when he shot a 200-16x using iron sights.  That's fun for this old shooter to watch!


Speaking of this old shooter, I am blessed, the recipient of more good luck than any one man should have.  Sunday morning I happened to be loading my truck at the motel just as Terry Nakano checked out.  He looked at my truck and let out some sort of nasty exclamation.  Since it was before dawn, I hadn't noticed the flat tire.  Here's the culprit:

No, it wasn't the shotgun shell.  The other thing made a heck of a hole.  Terry and I got the tire changed in less than 10 minutes.  Well, Terry changed it after I jacked up the truck.  It would have taken me a good bit more time on my own.  Still, we made it to the match earlier than I normally do anyway.  And just for fun, when I got home I used my handy-dandy do-it-yourself plug kit (with the tarry, ropey, plug), re-installed the tire, and it's still holding air this morning.  What could be better?  Everything was as easy as could be.  It was a great weekend.


And, in case you were wondering, I shot a 197 on each of my strings using my new White Oak scope.  Anyone want to buy a scope?

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