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Important Announcement

All further activity on this page has ceased.


Osage Orange Sharpshooters has moved to here.  Please bookmark that new page.


Yes, the only change has been that our web provider changed from to  And, yes, they forced us to TOTALLY change the web page.  And, yes, it was a PITA.  But please, please, please, bookmark the new page.


**** Web Page Migration *******


At the end of December, this web page MUST move to



I have created a similar set of pages at that address.  It is live right now. It looks like member accounts have all been migrated, so your password should be the same.  Use the lost password facility if you have problems.

Quick Links


CMP Competitions Rule Book--EIC Matches, etc., includes the rules for .22 Pistol


CMP Games Matches Rule Book--Garand, Springfield, Vintage, Modern Military, etc


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