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2019 MO. M1 & Springfield/Vintage State Champions .257 roberts build
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Schedule of Activities


Last CMP Match Of The Year--In Joplin

December 5, 2020, 1PM Starting Time

Garand, Springfield, Carbine, Vintage Bolt Rifle

Joplin Rifle and Pistol Club

Toybox Match

Entry Fee, One NEW toy for donation to a needy child


2020  Osage Orange Sharpshooters Results

All matches are held at at Springfield Benchrest Rifle Club


Saturday February 22Any CMP Games Rifle--Results

Saturday March 14Any CMP Games Rifle--Results

Saturday April 18—CANCELLED Due to continuing social distancing guidelines

Saturday May 9CMP Rimfire Sporter-Results

Saturday June 13Any CMP Games Rifle--Results

Saturday July 18—CMP Home Range Appreciation--Results

Saturday August 22Any CMP Games Rifle --Results

Saturday September 5CMP Rimfire Sporter--Results

Saturday October 17Any CMP Games Rifle--Results

A short note on match procedures.

Club membership forms can be found here.

Osage Orange Sharpshooters also have a Facebook Page     Springfield Benchrest also has a Facebook Page

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******* NEW DUES*********

Effective for 2020  our dues will be $30 annually.  Our membership form (over to your left) includes that change.


Here's a note about our 2020 raffle.

Quick Links


CMP Competitions Rule Book--EIC Matches, etc., includes the rules for .22 Pistol


CMP Games Matches Rule Book--Garand, Springfield, Vintage, Modern Military, etc


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Monday, September 14, 2020
KS-SR-Ch, Ron Rumpf Distinguished Rifleman
Bill Corcoran: Spruz buffers keep brining up old versions of the April Bulletin....oops
Bill Corcoran: Calendar has been updated with Tulsa and Joplin matches
steve hoy:
Brian Cline:
Michael Royle: Bill Corcoran I would like to pickup 2 of the spam cans of Garand food next Saturday if still available. Thanks, Mike
Scott Ives: Will 110 gr and 130gr. Projectiles Cycle in the garand or only work for single loading?
Scott Ives: D
Bill Corcoran: Don't know why latest blog doesn't show. Click on 'Show All' and it does.
Tom Killingsworth: Powder Valley has a new brass option at a great price:
Dwain Cunningham:
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