Articulating scope head recommendations?

 Anybody got any recommendations on either a good articulating scope head and or stand with an articulating scope head?

I have a Celestron sporting scope that doesn't have a rotating band around it, so I need a scope head that I can change the angle to.

I have this right now, but it's not very user friendly  on a Holub 7/8th inch scope stand, which is not very heavy, but it's not very steady either unless I put a weight on it.

The Creedmoor stuff doesn't seem to have a scope head that changes the angle either

And getting a new scope for $399 when I'm just getting the electronic target set up seems to be a total redundancy...

It seems like the old ray-vin scope heads which have the articulating piece are not made anymore and they were for 1" in diameter scope stands anyway.

Any ideas?

Thanks !



  • An option

  • That might work. I'll have to go measure the scope. Mine has that thread but the mounting sucks. 

    Thanks Bill !


  • As far as I know, all spotting scopes have the 1/4" x 20 tpi female threads.  That's the standard for camera mounts--tripods, window mounts, monopods, etc.   I had one of those saddle mounts in my basement for 20 rid of it not to long ago...can't remember who I gave it to.

    With a little ingenuity you could cobble one togther yourself.   But for $29.95 it isn't worth even one trip to Home Depot, let alone three or four..


  • Giraud tool has a scope stand that may interest you. Built by an NRA Master Class Highpower shooter.
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