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Leg Match-Rapid Fire Loading
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Oof!  I just learned that I don't know the rules.  Apparently in 2018 (!!!) the CMP changed Competition rules so that you can load 5 and 5 in magazines for rapid fire using the AR15.  (M1 is still 2 and 8).  I just looked it up and studied everything on rapid fire in the rule book.  How' I miss that?    (I know, maybe I knew that but forgot it.  Yeah, that's it, I just forgot it.)  Feel like a fool.

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"Take your vitamin C and D, get plenty of outdoor exercise (shooting !!!)..."
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In: High Blood Pressure And Saturday
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"Sonofagun! I forgot to add that gas was $1.25 a gallon in Joplin...."
In: A Good Weekend, For Sure!
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"As we go through the new day, I am able to re-create Contacts..."
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"Here's an old blog on how I measure."
In: Why You Should Never Read Or Measure
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Do You Know...
Bill Corcoran: Spruz buffers keep brining up old versions of the April Bulletin....oops
Bill Corcoran: Calendar has been updated with Tulsa and Joplin matches
steve hoy:
Brian Cline:
Michael Royle: Bill Corcoran I would like to pickup 2 of the spam cans of Garand food next Saturday if still available. Thanks, Mike
Scott Ives: Will 110 gr and 130gr. Projectiles Cycle in the garand or only work for single loading?
Scott Ives: D
Bill Corcoran: Don't know why latest blog doesn't show. Click on 'Show All' and it does.
Tom Killingsworth: Powder Valley has a new brass option at a great price:
Dwain Cunningham:
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